About Us

Finished Elegance is manufactured by Woodgrain Millwork using Eastman Cerfis™ Technology.

Cerfis™ technology was developed and patented by Eastman Chemical Company and is the industry’s most precise, consistent, and customizable coating system. A revolutionary product, it provides superior durability with a flawless finish.

Woodgrain Millwork is the only North American manufacturer to use this proprietary technology in its millwork products. Through innovative collaboration and a strong partnership, Woodgrain and Eastman continue to improve upon Finished Elegance.

Our History

Woodgrain has manufactured millwork and building products for the residential and commercial construction markets since it was founded in 1954. Woodgrain is a vertically integrated company that is family owned and operated. In its 60-year history, the company has expanded with millwork, distribution, doors and window divisions – making Woodgrain the preferred leader in the construction and home building industry. With our long-standing excellence in millwork manufacturing, Woodgrain has grown to be one of the largest millwork companies in the world.

Our Family of Brands