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Features and Benefits

Finished Elegance is the only interior moulding product that is coated* on all four sides with Eastman Cerfis™ technology, making it the most durable product of its kind.

*Coating – All four sides of uniform high solid (100%), no VOC polymer coating


  • 3 Easy Steps
  • Perfect clean cuts
  • No painting required
  • Color-matched caulk and fill stick


  • Dent, mar and scratch resistant
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Resistant to splitting
  • Eliminates seasonal shrinkage/swelling
  • Increased strength, rigidity and flexibility


  • Clean, Finished Elegance White color
  • Silky-smooth furniture finish
  • Dimensional consistency
  • Superior architectural detail

Substrate – MDF

Made in the USA


  1. Cut – You will always get perfect, clean cuts
  2. Install – Use the same tools and methods as traditional millwork
  3. Fill/Caulk – Color matched caulk and fill sticks available
    Done – No painting required


  • Use the color matched caulk to fill any seams or gaps.
  • For a better finish than caulk, use the color matched wax fill stick to fill nail holes.
  • To match paint to Finished Elegance White for any other surfaces, please reference the Color Match Information PDF.
  • For painting Finished Elegance, please reference the Painting Information PDF.
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